Monuments are made from the Stones of the Holy Land mainly for documenting special occasions.

Birgisch Gladbach

This monument is located in Birgisch gladbach square in the city of Beit Jala. It's made of Jerusalem gold stone.

The dove of Bethlehem

The dove of bethlehem located in front of Bethlehem Museum, it's made from Bethlehem white stone Owner: Bethlehem Museum.

Columns of Magdala

Columns of Magdala at the sea of Galilee consist of three columns of different colors with a total height of 7.5 meters.

The Saint Olaf column

The column of Saint Olafas in the Nativity Church in Bethlehem

The rock of natural Palestine map

The Natural Palestine Map Rock Monument for the Enviromental Educational Center in Beit Jala city ( Talita Kumi) school (2018).

Shepherd's field main entrance

This structure is designed & Sculptured by Akram anastas with the icon sculpture of Madonna & Child , and with arch.angels Michael and Gabriel

Saint Ignatius of Loyola

The sculpture of Saint Ignatius head from italian carrara marble is located in his monastery in Jerusalem(2014).

Magdala corner stone

His Holiness Pope Benedict 16 th give his blessings to Magdala corner stone for the begining of Magdala compound construction.

Joseph Blatter Academy

Material: jerusalem red stone with hebron white stone and the crown from jerusalem gold stone. Owner: Joseph Blatter Academy for sports in Albireh city.

Caritas hospital corner stone

Material : Natural Bethlehem stone Blessing the new building by HIS HOLINESS POPE BENEDICT 16 TH in Caritas Baby Hospital

Magdala Columns

Magdala pointing columns.

St. Michael stone icon

Material: Jerusalem pink stone Donated by Mr. Joudeh al araj in memory of his beloved wife to the church of St. Michael in Beit Jala.