Sculptures from the stones of the holy land.


Located in ortodox shepherd's field/ Beit Sahour Made from Jerusalem gold stone.


A lion with a special order ,sculptured on Bethlehe white stone.

Head of a bedwin sheikh

The head of an bedwin sheikh from Bethlehem white stone Owner: Mr. PAUL KOCH

Madonna & child

Madonna & child from italian carrara., for and on behalf of the memory Rozette khoury.

Woman & Dove

This statue of woman & Dove is made from wood in ( Arte in Strada Symposium) 2007. Located in the City Hall of Temu / Italy.

Mother & child

This statue is made from italian carrara marble.

A sheep

It's made from Jerusalem's Golden Stone. Owner: Orthodox Shepherd 's field in Beit Sahour.


Material: Jerusalem white stone

An angel

Material : jerusalem white stone

Alexander the great

Material : Jerusalem beige stone Ownen: Jaime gudon